Convincing copy for published materials

Published materials Cornwall

Brochures, leaflets, flyers and POS

As a freelance copywriter, I can produce tailored promotional materials that spark excitement and interest in your company. No more bland feature-driven materials that are difficult to understand. I write compelling, benefit-focused copy that appeals to the needs of your target market and leaves them eager to know more.

advertising content Cornwall

Advertising content

Whether you’re looking for simple adverts or full advertising features, I can deliver pieces that capture the attention of your target market and ignite interest in your brand. I can create subtle, yet enticing and memorable content that fits seamlessly into chosen publications.


Press releases

​Editors receive hundreds of press releases – don’t let yours get lost in the pile. I’m a copywriter who can produce standout releases that are sure to be published. Press releases are tailored for specific publications, attracting the attention of editors and making them take notice.​

Direct mail Cornwall

Newsletters and direct mail

To succeed you need newsletters that inspire, not bore, and direct mail that leaves customers reaching for the phone rather than the bin. If you’re not getting the results you want from your correspondence, contact me now to see how I can help.

These are just a few of the materials I can help you with. If it’s words you need, in any format, I’m here to help. Contact me now to discuss your individual requirements.

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