Portfolio: Chocolate factory

This is a sample of the type of promotional copy I can write for brochures, websites, leaflets and flyers.

This particular sample is about a local chocolate factory where I love to hang out. It’s mouth-watering products are uniquely styled and flavoured, and all handmade in our beloved county.

(Note – As this is a sample, rather than a commissioned piece, I’ve changed the brand name)

Give in to the hypnotic aromas

Let your senses guide you

On the trail of your next chocolatey fix? Follow your nose to the UK’s best loved chocolate factory – Seaside Chocolate. From the minute you walk in the door, the hypnotic aromas will have you in a chocolatey trance.

Let the scent guide you through to our café where you can pull up a chair and watch the chocolatiers creating their next masterpiece.

While you’re here, satisfy the urge with one of our delicious, freshly-baked cakes, made with our very own Seaside Chocolate. Or why not go for the double whammy and enjoy an exceptional, barista-made coffee or famous Seaside hot chocolate as well.

Our friendly, welcoming staff are happy to help with all your needs from coffee orders to tourist information, and even toys for the kiddies. It’s no wonder, our café is a hit with tourists and locals alike.

If you just can’t bear to leave all the deliciousness behind, stock up on goodies from our shop to ensure you always have the best to hand when the chocolate cravings kick in.

Seaside Chocolate factory – try it. The only thing groaning will be your waistband.

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