Erin Madden – Freelance Copywriter & Content Writer

copywriter CornwallAs a freelance copywriter and content writer, I specialise in digital copy that sparks interest, ignites emotion and gets businesses noticed.

I create copy for blogs, websites and print materials that is clear, compelling and convincing. I have experience in a range of industries, including B2B marketing, tourism, environment, education, weddings, interior design, leisure, fishing and healthcare.

I’m an experienced marketer, trained copywriter and genuine lover of language.

As an experienced marketer, I can quickly grasp a brand’s marketing mix, identifying selling points and matching them to the needs of the target market. The copywriter in me knows how to write creatively and inspiringly for different mediums, both online and offline. Being a linguist, I have an analytical approach to language. Each word is carefully considered to ensure the pieces I produce are clear, concise, meaningful and appropriate.  I’ve also worked extensively within the SEO industry and have a sound understanding of how to optimise copy to improve ranking.

The result is targeted copy that stands out, persuades and is optimised for the publication, online or in print.

If you need a copywriter or content writer that can talk to consumers, as well as search engines, contact me now or follow the links to find out more.