Blog: How a copywriter can help grow your small business

“I had to google it”. I’ve heard that phrase a lot recently since deciding to set up my freelance copywriting business. Whilst most companies and organisations could benefit from the services of a copywriter like me, not a lot of non-marketers actually understand what I do. I don’t write novels and I know nothing about copyright law. I’m a writer who creates compelling copy to sell businesses.

“Oh, so you’re a marketer?” Well, kind of. I’m a specialist marketer, as not all marketing masterminds are the best copywriters. Writing enticing copy that captivates your audience, plays on their emotions and makes them answer your call-to-action, all while being optimised for the publication, is a skill and requires training.

Online, when most potential customers are miles away, copy that attracts, captivates and convinces is essential. Your best salesperson can’t talk to people face-to-face, demo your products or give guided tours. You need your online and offline marketing to do all that for you, so it’s worth considering hiring a professional copywriter.

Copywriter Cornwall
A copywriter – the missing piece to your marketing puzzle?

So, what exactly does a copywriter do?

A copywriter is an extension of your marketing department. They are trained marketing professionals with an understanding of branding and the marketing mix. It’s more than merely stating features and benefits though. Copywriters know how to pick out your USPs and present them in a way that appeals to the needs of your customers. They understand the difference between marketing mediums and create compelling copy for websites, blogs, advertising, brochures, social media and the press. Most copywriters like Ignite Copy also have a good understanding of SEO techniques and can incorporate this into their online writing to ensure better ranking and visibility.

Copywriters are also content generators. They can create content that people will find interesting and be encouraged to share. By content I mean blog articles (like this one), Facebook posts, Instagram images, Tweets and more – all optimised for the specific platform to ensure better reach. Some copywriters can put together entire social media campaigns that can be used across channels to ensure maximum engagement.

Adding extra impact to slick graphic design

Lots of people hire designers for their graphics needs – and so they should. A graphic designer creates a professional image and ensures potential customers notice your company. Once you have their attention though, your copy needs to captivate them long enough to get your sales pitch across. Bland copy will bore your audience and customers will pass you by, making your cutting-edge graphics a waste of time and money. Graphics attract attention, but it’s your copy that convinces.

Copywriter Cornwall
Telling your sales story

The art of words

Marketing, however, is only part of a copywriter’s job. They are also excellent writers. A high level of spelling and grammar is a given, but just like writers, they have a way with words. Writing copy that tells stories, paints pictures, ignites emotions, appeals to your market and convinces in an easy-to-read, attractive way is no mean feat. It’s a specific skill that copywriters like Ignite Copy are trained to do.

I guess what I’m trying to say is, writers write and marketers market, but copywriters are trained to do both. Professionally written copy is a valuable marketing tool, which can make the difference between a sale and a missed opportunity. If you’re paying for advertising and graphics, it’s worth considering a professional copywriter to complement the team and maximise the return on your investment.

If you’re interested in seeing how a professional copywriter can make the difference for your company, contact me now to discuss

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