Portfolio: Candle factory

Here is a sample of the advertising features I can write. This example is about an artisan candle factory, and is intended for publication in Cosmopolitan magazine.

(Note: as this is a sample, rather than a commissioned piece, I have changed the brand names)

Mother’s Day dilemma solved

Break free from the Mother’s Day-flowers rut. With the 11th March fast approaching, it’s tempting to go with the old favourite, but there’s still time to organise a gift your mother will love and that will still be going strong long after your Easter eggs are gone. Ellon Candles specialises in luxurious reed diffusers, candles and soaps all handmade in an idyllic Scottish location.

Luscious scents like sea salt, bay and rosemary, and apple and elderflower will take your Mum on a holiday of the senses from seaside to orchard. The products are also packaged in unique vases, rustic terracotta pots and ornate baroque cubes that your Mum will be proud to display around her home (and will definitely try to reuse after).

If you simply can’t decide between the stylish reed diffusers, delicious scented candles, or nourishing soaps, why not choose a hamper that pulls together some of the best products from each scent?

All their products are available online for delivery within 3-5 working days, so there’s no excuse for poor presents this year. Head to [website] to place your order and bask in the feeling of a job well done.

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