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This sample is an advertising feature intended for publication in BBC Goodfood magazine. The key with an advertising feature (or advertorial) is to subtly sell the product in an interesting, informative article that looks and sounds editorial, rather than an advert. The theory is the reader is more likely to be attracted to and read editorial copy, than one of a multitude of advertisements that appear in magazines.

This advertising features presents the emerging trend of food beer matching and uses it to showcase a range of products from a brewery.

(Note – as this is a sample, rather than a commissioned piece of work, I’ve edited the brand names)

Beer is the new wine

Beer down the pub and wine while you dine – that’s how it goes, right? Not anymore. Beer has evolved and is no longer reserved for the curry house. We can now enjoy a range of beer styles that complement our food and enhance our dining experience in the same way as wine. But with so much on offer, how do you know which beer to choose? Shell’s Brewery in has put together this handy guide to help you make the perfect food beer match.

Redefine the humble roast

If a roast is your meal of choice, an amber ale like Classic works well. With its sweet, roasted malt and hints of succulent dried fruit, the UK’s favourite cask ale is an excellent match for mild flavours such as roast pork, chicken and subtle herbs like thyme.

Add a little zest to fish

A pale ale like Shell’s Pacific is an ideal partner for fish dishes. With notes of citrus, tropical fruits and floral hops, Pacific complements meaty white fish, zingy tartar sauce, dill, parsley and lemon.

A fruity companion for red meat and game

If you’re usually drawn to the rich flavours of venison, beef brisket and hoisin duck, Shell’s Traditional is the beer for you. This fusion Red IPA has hints of dark berries and citrus, which balance deeper flavours and lift the overall dish.

Create a show stopping cheese finale

Complete the cheese course with a special bitter like Sea Foam. Sweet, roasted malt and fruity hops harmonise with strong blue cheeses, quince and toasted walnuts, perfectly rounding off a meal.

So next time you’re out for dinner, dare to ask for the beer list. It’s a whole new culinary experience.

For more information on Shell’s beers visit [website].

Salivating yet? Yeah, me too. Did you find this an interesting read though? Would this attract your attention in a publication? Let me know what you think.

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